Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Business card for the Blogger - teal

This business card is ideally great for somebody who is using mostly social networks for their business.  The blogger icon actually does direct you back to Elizabeth's Digital Business Card website but this website is actually created with a Google Blog. This site actually has two domains, one from blogspot and the other domain that was purchased.  Also note the little email/rss icon at the bottom.  Because this would be good for somebody who wishes to send a person updates each time the update their blog, this can be used instead of an email me now icon.

Recently after discovering the quality of creating my business cards in gimp each one seems to get better.  First the background with title, text and images are created as a background.  Next, each individual social network icon is customized separately.  This gives the card a much smoother look once it is complete and imported as a PDF file.

Because all the digital business cards are in PDF format it makes it easy to email, just like a little portable website.  The size of this card is 126 KB but the quality is excellent and this will really wow your prospective customers.  I am also able to duplicate a business card just from an image or actual hard copy of your own card.